A downloadable game for Windows

My game for LD33. Jam category (3 days, fewer limitations).

Theme was : You are the monster.

You are a monster running for his life (hence the title), and you have to avoid spears that angry villagers throw. You can heal with cows.

The difficulty level goes up every 300m, up to level 4, which is "hell mode".

Controls : Arrows and Space

Notes :
It was made with SFML 2.3.1 in C++
Sources are provided even if not mandatory in jam. You can use them freely (even if unlikely).
Graphics assets with : Adobe Photoshop CC
Sounds with : sfxr
Font : open font, SourceSansPro

I wish i had time to change the monster design and add traps, more projectiles,... as well as general game difficulty balance.

The 1.1 version (post LD) fixes reset bug and balance a bit the difficulty (now max level is 8) and some stats, no major game change.

Install instructions

I can only provide windows exe.

It should run with no installation.

In order to recompile the game you will need to download SFML 2.3.1 and reconfigure a project file (mine has specific system paths for SFML installation in it). You can find tutorials about it on SFML website.


Run for your life! Monster!.zip 1 MB
project_source.zip 3 MB
Run for your life! Monster! 1.1.zip 1 MB